En un racó de casa

April 2017

I wrote the presentation that you can read below in June of 2003 when finishing an update that implied the necessary reduction of the photos size and quality in order to adapt to the size limitation that the free server offered to me at that time.

In June of 2015 I improved the technique of the presentation and the quality of some photos, especially those of slot. Then I was faced with the problem of copyright of images. The WEB has no advertising or profit motive, but at the same time is a catalog with a lot of photos that have author. I began to get photos of specific sources that would grant me their permission or to follow a procedure such as Wikimedia Commons, but still a great part of the images have obtained before 2003 and form a really considerable database with unknown author. In fact we can find them in different Internet sites, in different formats without source information, as historical photos.

Now I am finishing the update of the F1 cars with representation in slot and the pages where you can compare the real car with its reproduction. You get to those pages with two clicks from the home page. For now we let it like that for a while. In addition to the annual maintenance to update novelties, there are some outstanding tools and improvements. Also corrections, it is curious, I know that these pages are visited, but almost never anybody has written to warn me of errors, and whenever I visit it, I discover new ones. So, if you are so kind, I will appreciate your help at molistoni@gmail.com. Some photos, especially English or French scalextric cars to the early 70's by EME17, are very well cared for, decorated and improved from their original appearance.

Since 2003 many things have changed in the Slot world, the speculative bubble, that had me so indignant, has punctured. The downside is that they have closed stores and the production of new cars has also gone down. The lovely market of the Masadas square has moved a few meters, to the Assemblea de Catalunya square. (now at the Estació de França, revised in June 2019).

My collection has grown slightly, always with pieces of little value. I have that defect of feeling pleasure for collecting, and then I think, what will be of all that when it is finished, what a sad problem will my heiresses have and what joy will a vulture have, so I would like to limit those joys and sorrows as much as possible. On my collection page there are cars with a different background color, I think I have them repeated, if you are interested we can talk about exchange.

I thank you for your visit, sincerely, Toni


At the corner

June 2003

In the intercession of two hobbies

Two passions mixed with childhood taste that some Peter Pan refuse to forget.

The slot is a game, so it tries to emulate a reality. It expects to reproduce the speed sensation, the limit reach, the risk, the competition and the aesthetic contemplation: the track and the cars. For someone is so a illusion of unforgettable memories where the cars are lovely objects.

The collection

One day I grown adult: removed my rusted track and gave the cars to someone younger like loan. ¿Where is now my darling Honda? Other day I grown young, I recovered something and I declared that I accept presents like SCALEXTRIC cars.

The criterion to establish the limits of this collection is personal. I accept any opinion. My objective is to cover the highest representation of F1 cars with slot model 1:32 scale.

There are some points to discuss:
* The choice of one reproduction between different ones who represent (approximately) the same F1.
* To discard some versions that a stubborn manufacturer launch using the same mould but with different decoration but similar to previous releases.
* Like a consequence of this re-launch, reject the anachronistic reproductions between form and paint. An example is the Jordan 196 Peugeot. *To accept models with low quality but who represent interesting F1. The slots are not the best reproductions and in sometimes they were very regrettable.

* The identification criterion: A F1 manufacturer assigns a denomination to one car (for example McLaren M23) but it can be very changing and have different aspect in form and decoration and to stay with his name for more that one season. The reproduction builder must specific in what race take part the vehicle who try copy. In the other hand, the poor details of some slot lets to represent F1s (with look stable) for more that a season.
* To begin into the do-it-yourself: improve old cars, build news with the specific material for slot or transform the rare reproductions 1:32 into slot cars. Of curse for this it is necessary time and ability.
* To extend the manufacturers.

It is not my objective to accumulate a lot of cars, the little differences make me to consider that they are repeated. I like to get them without hurry, hopping for a good opportunity and I don't try to do business with then.

A slot car may be a toy built 40 years ago. Besides someone can evaluate a rare detail or color like of made in Mexico. These characteristics may be doing the price become high. Although I don't discuss the value of these objects, I don't buy them.

Time ago there found any accessory for reconstruct old EXIN car, but the prices are expensive. I always thought that there have existed elements to build completed them in any color. Now you can find them with a different mark of SCALEXTRIC. It only was a matter of market's balance.

There are appearing old models in vintage versions launched for official marks, also selling like installments. In the Catalan SCALEXTRIC case, they are reproductions with renew and better decoration, they could confuse to any collector.

For a time we are living a boom in the slotT world. The quality is good or very good, as well in the English SCALEXTRIC. In spite of this, there is not much F1 news.

I recommend a place in my Barcelona: the toys collector's market in Masadas square every first Sunday of month, except August. (now at the Estació de França, revised in June 2019).

The WEB like a catalogue

This WEB was born long time ago like a personal use catalogue to arrange and identify the cars, compare, know his history and finally like a F1's photo collection. It's done with a simple technique.

I have visited INTERNET places and I have picked a lot of things. You can find these places in my links, with my gratitude. Now I think it is time to share my information. A space limit of the housing force me to reduce the option of see the photos in their original form. Through molistoni@gmail.com I hope to receive suggestions, help to find the lot of mistakes and corrections that you can find.

The WEB structure has three parts:
* Formula 1: I try to have one photo for every one F1. There are 780 photos (summer 2003) selected of one fund of 6.000. There are grouped for years (53) and for great manufacturers (45). Although there appear in the statistics, I want to remove some participation because it is repeated in successive years and not significant. Also I would be grateful if you would send me some of I don't have, This is another collection.
* Slot: They are for slot builders (8) and the most important F1 manufacturers (11). Besides you can find my collection.
* Intersection: from F1 or slot you can find blue links to pages (over 100) with two images, the F1 and its reproduction with some information. This is the original part of the WEB.

Formula 1, love and hate

To see them (not much), to hear them and to smell them (a resin smells that now I don't perceive) in Montjuïc was a shock.

People say that hardly ever they cannot advance on track, I believe it's better when the track is wide and with good grip out of the best line. Also the spectators don't understand the real position with the pit stops and they lost interest. The F1 is a complex competition, more that a sport. When someone overpower one race or one season (this is not new in the history) we must think that him and his team are the best. Always there is other that hardly fights in other positions although we don't see on TV.

The F1 continues deeply moved to me, they continue been exceptional machines drive for people who goes to the limit.

In the past the risk was intolerable and with dramatic consequences. You will find these tragic histories in another INTERNET sites, they belong to the F1's greatness and misery. The security has been improved and it must be the priority.

Now the cars have a form too similar. In the 70s they were more fun: daring designs, radical projects, authentic madness.

The resources that this circus burns are enormous. Vain in the Monaco balconies. I shouldn't so much like all this.


I want to thank for the corrections contributed by the F1 expert Steve Wilkinson, May 2008.